2018 IONL Innovation in Patient Care Posters

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Employee and Organization Benefits of  Patterned Schedule  by Michelle Young 

Exceeding Standards in Hospital Based Inpatient Psych Services by Lori Bailey

Falls Interventions Implementaion Quality Improvement Project for Inpatient Medical Surgical Unit by Alecia Sells

Increasing Nursing Involvement in Patient and Family Centered Rounds by Julie Landsteiner

Innovative Resource Pool Positions the Decrease Cost and Transform Health by Leigh Bagshaw

Improving Adherence to Fluid Restrictions in Heart Failure Patients by Sharon Santoro

Inhaled Essential Oil in the ED by Katie Morse

Inspiring Nursing Innovation: A Pathway to Increase Nurse Engagement by Rose Hedges

Intraoperative Blood Adminstration by Rachel Grossman

Night Owls: Creating a Night Shift Friendly Workplace by Joan McCann

Patient and Medication Bar Code Scanning by Brandi O'Dell

Pre-Operative Glycemic Control Prior to Elective Surgery by Kathy Swift

Prevalence of Compassion Satisfaction on N4 by Kristina Everding

Reduction of Surgical Site Infections for Colon Resections by Rhonda Carney

Reducing Restraints and Seclusion use in Hospital Based Pysch Units by Lori Bailey

Safe Sleep for Pedicatric Patients by Janet Geyer

The Implementation of Remote Video Monitoring for Patient Safety in Inpatient Care by Dale Winnike

The Use of Relaxation Exericses and Massage Therapy as Non Pharmacological Treatment by Carrie Van Houten

Transitional Care Team Approach to Reducing Readmissions by Anna Anderson

Quiet Time: Benefits for Patients by Maureen Ewinger