Since 1977, IONL has been the voice of nursing leaders throughout Iowa. IONL promotes excellence in leadership to shape the future of health care delivery, education and health policy. We are committed to fostering the development of nurse leaders across the continuum through mentorship, collaboration and education.

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Iowa Board of Nursing Annual Report

The Iowa Board of Nursing has released the 2020 Annual Report. Click here to view report.


2019 IONL Survey Summary

In 2019, the Iowa Organization for Nursing Leadership (IONL) Board conducted a member survey to identify member needs and to guide organizational priorities. The surey was comleted by 184 IONL members.

Survey results showed networking and up to date information are the top two items members are looking to gain from their membership in IONL. Over 75% of the respondents were aware of the website, district meetings, webinars and spring conference offered by IONL. Ninety-five percent of respondents agreed with the IONL strategic priorities which include advocacy, nursing practice and nursing education collaboration, education, professional recognition and the dissemination of best practices. When asked which of the AONL nurse leader competencies respondents would like to receive additional education on 52% stated performance improvement, 43% stated strategic planning, 40% stated financial management and 19% stated human resources. Members reported that websites, professional journals and newsletters are the top resources used to stay up to date on evidence-based practice. When asked “what keeps you up at night?” members responded the top issues are staffing, recruitment/retention, succession planning, behavioral health and workplace violence. When asked "what barriers prevent active participation in IONL ?" respondents stated time, work schedule, location of meetings and staffing shortages.

The IONL Board has reviewed the survey results. The IONL Education and Research committees will work to develop education to meet member needs. The IONL board will examine options for increasing virtual participation in IONL events.

Click here to veiw survey results.


Message from the AONL President

Click here to view message


AONE Rebranding

At AONE’s recent Annual Meeting, they announced the next evolution of our national organization: the American Organization for Nursing Leadership (AONL). With a new brand and a new name, AONL maintains its commitment to shaping health care through innovative and expert nursing leadership. Learn more here:


2018 AONE Affiliate Achievement Award

On April 19 IONL was award the 2018 AONE Affiliate Achivement Award. The AONE Affiliate Achievement Award recognizes an AONE Affiliate that promotes nursing leadership and its influence in the areas of the advancement of nursing practice, patient safety, quality, recruitment and retention, or another priority initiative for that particular state/region, and can serve as a model for other states or regions with similar interests.











Michele Kelly (2018 IONL President) and Jennifer Nutt (IHA Liaison to IONL) are pictured above accepting the award.

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